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What I've Been Doing and What's Ahead

April 3, 2017

I'm back!!!

When I first set out my photography goals at the beginning of the year, I didn't realize just how chaotic the first quarter would be. At the end of January, we lost a loved one to illness and at the same time started the search for assisted living for my mother in-law. This resulted in a LOT of hours and hard work helping her downsize and actually move into the new place. We didn't realize just how much would be involved (far beyond a regular change of house), suffice to say that it took significantly more time and energy than we'd anticipated, and all things photography went on the backburner by necessity. Now that the move is finished, I feel my energy returning and am finding I have time to get back to it. So I dusted off my camera (don't worry, not literally!) and went to the sea.

Returning to photography and moving into the second quarter, I think it's a good time to take stock of those goals from January. Honestly, progress has been slow... after I wrote that post, everything converged preventing significant momentum. However, I think it's still reasonable to achieve all of these goals within the year, and I'm excited to get out and explore, and share more stories and photos with you. And video. I haven't forgotten about that.

As for stock, I added a new agency in January, and my results across all agencies have been up from last year despite infrequent portfolio additions. I also have a number of images that will be uploaded later this year because they are seasonal. In stock, for any seasonal images, you typically want to upload a few months in advance because that's when designers and businesses will be looking for imagery.

Now, the goal you really want to know about...which destinations are in my travel list for this year?! Well, I expect trips to old favourites in Canada, like the Kootenays and Gulf Islands. And I am working on plans for some international travel this spring too. But, you will have to wait a little longer, as I'm not committing to anything too far in advance. The nature of the beast means that things here could change quite quickly. So that doesn't sound too exciting at the moment, but there will be adventures worthy of telling in a travel blog. Be patient and I'll try to be too (my travel bug is getting anxious).

It's been frustrating to feel at a standstill for the last while, but as a wise Dublin bus driver called Harry the Hat says, "We go forward. Yes, we do. We go forward again".

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