Photos From a Day on Saltspring Island - Andrea Kuipers

Photos From a Day on Saltspring Island

The Gulf Islands off the south coast of British Columbia are beautiful places to explore, adventure, or relax. As it happens, I was supposed to travel to Saltspring Island for the long weekend with the intention of all of those activities, and of course taking photos to share with you. But just days before the trip, our little cat Flurry became quite seriously ill and ended up in the veterinary hospital. Neither Nathanael or I wanted to risk being away from her in case she didn't pull through, and even now she is having a rough time. *Update: Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Flurry as her health continued to deteriorate very rapidly, even under veterinary care.                        

Flurry resting at home after her first hospital stay.

These images of Saltspring Island were taken on a daytrip there last spring. That trip was basically a very brief introduction to the island, and a scouting trip for photography ideas. Using that as a starting point, I was able to make plans for what I'd do differently, and key photos I hope to capture. For example, I found that a daytrip to a place where you are dependent upon ferry/bus/plane etc. schedules is not the best idea. It is very limiting on how much time you can spend at your destination (unlike a road trip where you can drive at whatever time you like), and therefore how much you can accomplish in that time. My next trip to Saltspring Island will be for at least an overnight stay.

A fairly early start to the day and a scenic sailing from Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island quickly got us to Fulford Harbour where we took the public bus to the town of Ganges. Nathanael and I decided to sail as walk-on passengers instead of bringing the car, in an effort to be environmentally friendly. This meant either taking a bus or bringing bicycles, to explore Saltspring. We don't have bikes, so bus it was! Certainly, the bus will get you from the ferry to Ganges and back, but it runs infrequently and of course you do not have a ton of stop options. So the daytrip centered around Ganges with the idea of returning for a longer stay with the car.

A fresh, locally made cinnamon bun and a cup of Saltspring Island coffee set us on the right track for our explorations. We walked through a couple of parks, explored the Ganges harbour, visited art galleries, and stopped for lunch and gelato. 

Of course, staying in town meant that we missed seeing a lot of the rest of the island. There are trails for hiking, beaches, mountains, lakes, farms and vineyards to explore! And marinas are usually interesting places with people, boats, planes, and birds coming and going. 

Have you been to Saltspring Island? Do you have any recommendations for must-see experiences or photogenic locations?

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