Beyond Schloss Sanssouci: Photographing Potsdam - Andrea Kuipers

Beyond Schloss Sanssouci: Photographing Potsdam

Just 30 minutes outside of Berlin, Potsdam is an easy daytrip on the S-Bahn (take the S7) and is definitely worth visiting if you are in the area for more than a few days. Best known for Schloss Sanssouci, a beautiful palace with extensive gardens,  many people want to visit this site.

However, there's more to Potsdam than Sanssouci Palace and there are many other sites to photograph. Recent restorations have left the city looking refreshed. It is clean, charming, and cobblestoned (so bring super comfy shoes - really!). Extra time, memory cards, and camera batteries will come in handy here. So, what else is there to see and photograph besides the palace?

1. Alter Markt or Old Market In the centre of this square is the marble obelisk which was built in 1753 and restored in 1979. Buildings surrounding the square include the Nikolaikirche or St. Nicholas Church, Potsdam Museum and Old Town Hall, City Palace, and the University of Applied Sciences. This area is still being restored.

2. Hollaendisches Viertel The Dutch Quarter is quaint with red brick homes, Delft blue style pottery, and picturesque streets. This area is not just residential but also has small galleries, cafes, and shops to peruse.

3. Nauener Tor was built near the Dutch Quarter in 1755 and is one of three gates still standing in Potsdam (the other two being the Jaegertor and the Brandenburg Gate). The three gates used to be connected by a city wall but now a pedestrian zone connects them. Trams run directly through the Nauen Gate.

4. Brandenburger Tor On Potsdam's Luisenplatz is a smaller version of the Brandenburg Gate found in Berlin. Don't be unimpressed by its size - it is unique because it was designed by two different architects which resulted in different front and rear facades! 

Alright, that's by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of some of the other sites you can explore and photograph while in Potsdam.

Have you been to Potsdam? What did you photograph besides Schloss Sanssouci?

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