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Photos From The First Shoot With My New Camera

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Hello and Happy New Year! I started 2016 by upgrading my camera to the Canon 70D (from the Rebel XS). It was long past due, and I'm excited for the faster sensor, larger file sizes, and video options, all of which will enable me to take on new projects. Now, this is not at all a gear review but I thought I'd share a few photos I've taken with it so far. And it really is just a few because this year has been off to a running start! Enjoy some shots of January on Vancouver Island through the 70D.


Photo of the 70D taken on my mobile.

When this seagull circled and started flying back towards me, I crossed my fingers that it wouldn't poop on my camera!

Although there were some nice colours in the eastern sky, ominous clouds were rolling in from the other side and giving a blue-grey cast to everything. However, I like the contrast between the blue landscape and red of a cargo ship that was passing. I also got to play with my new zoom lens (55-250mm, f4-5.6 IS STM) and capture more of the ship's detail than previously!

There is a stairway down to the very rocky shore. I set up my tripod on the landing, but Nathanael found himself a spot to read below on the rocks. This is how we winter on the west coast...when it isn't raining anyways!

Meanwhile, a cat from one of the nearby houses made his way down stairs to the landing. He quite happily watched me work, wandered around my tripod, and insisted on some cuddles. He was a bit of a distraction, but friendly and so I think I'll have a new photo assistant whenever I return to this spot!

Time for one last shot before the raindrops started, while the seagull made one more pass along the shore. My luck held out and gear remained bird-poop free!

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